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  1. Review from the customer:

    I was out in the bush fighting fires with the Bushies when my cheapy ebay sling pack gave up the ghost. I’ve used all sort of packs for firefighting, ebay packs, sling packs, more expensive day packs and nothing was really ideal. All had faults or failures, which was why I kept changing packs. Now the work we do up here is a bit diverse, remote stuff, work from the back of the truck, choppered into areas. I had some ideas based upon other firefighting packs on the market but I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted. Somewhere along the way I had to compromise. So I approach Outback Packs and Gear and outlined what I was after. Nothing fancy, a small daypack, 40cm x 25cm x 18cm which should be around 18 litres. Small enough so it don’t become a hassle but large enough so I can carry what I need for each incident and still be comfortable. Quite a few messages back and forth, exchange of ideas and a drawing later and the end product arrived today.
    My old sling pack, it was OK but I couldn’t load anything extra into it like water or spare gear. It basically held the essentials.

    What OPG came up with is fantastic. I was happy with the coyote brown for the base colour, it doesn’t get too hot but I needed something bright on the pack as well so it stands out in the bush. I asked if I could have a bright orange colour molle webbing? No problem said OPG. I know it’s not everyone cup of tea but it is there for a purpose.

    The harness was based on one from OPG’s Type 2 pack but with a few clips removed to make it more simple. No waist belt either, on a pack this small I don’t need one and this pack is short and designed to ride up higher so the strap would not sit around my waist anyway. The back padding is excellent. I loaded up 10 kgs in this little pack and walked a couple of km’s today in the heat and it is by far the most comfortable daypack I have ever had.

    I was really after a single storage space with capacity for a hydration system and molle all round. Basically a storage tub.

    I wanted side compression straps too. Not only for compressing the pack when but also for securing a load. The molle on the side is just because. If I need it, it is there.

    Outback Packs also put some extra clips and the like on the shoulder straps for the hydration bite piece. I use this side to mount the hand mic.

    I am very impressed with how this pack turned out. Very impressed. I have owned various brand name packs over the years, Deuters, 5.11, Condor, and Outback Packs and Gear’s pack exceeds them all in quality by a long shot.
    I got exactly what I wanted without having to compromise on anything. I now have a quality pack purpose built for my use, for a specific purpose.

  2. I first ordered a Type 1 pack from outbackpacks, which arrived exactly as ordered in good time. It’s well stitched, neat, strong, and is extremely well balanced with the amply padded straps. So well balanced, in fact, that my [much smaller] wife decided she’d keep this for her own go-bag and I could order another pack for myself.

    This larger pack (Type 1-A) again arrived in good time and was consistent in quality with the first. Materials and fittings used are all of premium quality.

    We’ve used these packs for hiking and camping, and they’re the most comfortable packs I’ve ever used – especially with the weight we carried in them. Their normal use is as Get Home Bags – carrying what we need to get home should disaster strike while we’re away. They fit the purpose perfectly.

    I also ordered a “dive bag” – which I ordered specifically to fit within the Qantas carry-on limit. Again, the bag is very well made, within spec, and arrived within schedule. I use this primarily in my car, to carry spare clothes, boots, etc for work. I’ve also used this to carry gear on camping trips.

    In short, I’ve found outbackpacks to be professional, and reliable (I also bought some paracord from them in the past, which was also of excellent quality and delivered in a timely fashion). Their products reflect their quality-focussed approach, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends.

  3. Holds a lot more then expected, high quality and durable bag. Extremely happy with it. Currently being used as a grab and go first aid bag.

  4. Great well made pouch. It was put into use the day I received it and has never been far from my side.
    I would highly recommend this to people who need the contents of the pouch to dry out as the mesh allows air to circulate.

  5. I love Outback Packs’ Medium MOLLE Pouch! I have the black pouch and have had to reappropriate it from my wife and daughter on several occasions. The size is perfect for a 24-48 hour survival kit and/or your every day carry items with a fire kit. My wife has even used it for toiletries when traveling internationally.

    The MOLLE straps mean you can easily attach it to your hiking pack, backpack or attach it to your belt. The quality is evident in every aspect of the pouch, from the stitching to the snaps and especially the zippers (I wish the zippers on my $400 hiking pack were as nice as these). This pouch definitely makes the cut for my upcoming travels in SE Asia. Great product!

  6. Received two Fire Kit Pouches recently and have been putting them through their paces over several hiking, camping and road trips. Have been very happy with the product I have received. Made from tough Cordura material, with double stitching, the pouches are made to take some punishment. The pouches are just the right size to fit all my fire starting tools and materials. So happy with the product, I decided to use one pouch as an addition to my First Aid/Trauma Kit!

    Recommend this pouch for avid hikers and campers, as well as farmers and truckers to have everything on hand if your in a pinch and require the use of a fire. Small enough as an addition to your pack or even car glove box. Will be buying from Outback Packs and Gear again!

  7. Very well made and good customer service. Size is perfect. Good for barracks, cabin luggage for trips and overnight. Thank you

  8. I’ve had my Mata bag for 4 months now, and it’s performed brilliantly in that time. I use it for general camping gear and short hikes, so it gets thrown around a lot, and even occasionally rained on. In that time, it’s taken everything I’ve done to it, and performed brilliantly.

    The front pocket is very handy for small items like keys. I have lost keys out of my pants pocket before, but no longer.

    All in all, it’s a great bag, very well made, and highly recommended.